Information Gathering for CNA School in CT

  1. Hi everyone, I was looking for some help, any input would be greatly appreciated.

    I am an ICU RN who is throwing around the idea of starting a CNA school in Connecticut. I have worked as a supervisor in a long term care facility for approx 2 years in addition to my primary role as a MICU RN. I think there is a real need for excellent care in the medical field and feel that is largely reflective of proper training. I've looked at the CT DPH website and googled how to sites but I'm having a hard time organizing all of the information. I've read that experience may fullfil the instrutor training class requirement, but would you suggest attending one anyway? I've taught people before only as an IT Systems trainer in a previous career. I'm also interested in finding out financial data, is this a lucrative business? Grant money for start-up costs? It seems that in my area a 13 week program averages from $800-$1000 for tuition only. Are there class size limitations? A point in the right direction on any of this would be truly valued. THANKS.