How do I find out about Home Health Rates for the State of Texas

  1. Hello All:

    I'm writing because I wanted to see if anyone had any information on how to obtain Home Health Care Rates for the state of Texas. I have went to Center of Medicaid/Medicare but all it tells me is the update on prospective payment rates. I have two questions. Is there an easier way to obtain this data and two-if there is: How do I go about doing this?

    I would really like to look into starting my own health care agency independently but this reseach is humongous! I really could use some direction in this endeavor. If any one has some information on grants and how to do policies & procedures. That would be great.
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  3. by   BarbaraNP
    The Medicare contractor for Texas is: You may be able to find the rates you are looking for there. You will need to know CPT codes.

    For Medicaid, you should be able to find the fee schedule. Most state have them listed.

    You might also check LeaRae's website ( believe there are a few RN's who own their own agencies there.

    Best wishes!

  4. by   dmisha
    Dear BarbaraNP:

    Thank you so much for that information and I did find the initial site you spoke of and realized after looking at the fee schedules that they were codes, but I put a few in and realized that this information will be essential for billing. I just need to know if there is a fee schedule for home health agencies or does it fall under a physician's fee schedule?

    In addition I want to know the fees I ask for are qualified under what type of facility:home health was not one of the options under trailblazer. In the meantime I will check out the other site you recommended? I'm thinking is there something else I need to be asking. I do see you respond to all the questions in this forum so I will be in touch. If you think of anything for me in regards to this business venture-please privately message me! I thank you again!