Home Nurse looking to go independent

  1. Good afternoon all. I'm not a nurse, but my wife is. We have a bit of a situation and looking for advice.

    My wife is a BSN with little experience (2 years). She recently applied and got accepted into an FNP program. Because of going back to school, she downsized her schedule and is now working as a home nurse for a Medicaid pediatric patient part time.

    She has been working a case with a family who openly expressed their dissatisfaction with the existing nursing agency, but they absolutely love my wife. I've been thinking, with my wife having her foot in the door at this place, and the mother's discontentment, that I considered starting our own small agency in order to get a bigger piece of the pie (maybe even staff a few others). Currently the overhead her agency is charging is ridiculous and my wife is only making $20-24/hour depending on the shift.

    I was wondering if you would recommend looking into this further and if you had any tips, advice, suggestions, etc. Or is the policy and hoops we have to jump through probably not worth it and/or way over our heads? We live in the state of Maryland.