healthcare facilities not very receptive to independent nurse contractors

  1. I am very interested in starting my own business so i ordered a manual with all the necessary info and then began to call around. In a nutshell they were more interested in dealing with an agency than an individual contractor. I will be making more calls next week to purse the independent contractor deal. FYI ask to speak with Administrator if you are pursuing a nursing home kind of deal or Ask for the HR personnel responsible for contracting out agencies. I dont have enough money to begin an agency hiring a bunch of nurses but if the above fails i might seek out a few nurses who wanna start out as partners but still working as employees so we can work as an agency. I still have to check the legalities first.
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  3. by   RN1989
    One of the reasons that facilities prefer agencies is that there are no guarantees of quality with an independent contractor.

    Granted, there is none with an agency either but with an agency, the agency has usually run a criminal background check so the hospital doesn't have to pay for one. The agency usually has some sort of quality assurance for staff so that the hospital has more recourse than if they hired an I.C. The hospitals have to take more liability with an I.C. than an agency and they just aren't willing to do it.

    I worked for a facility that had a few I.C.s try to get in the door without any success.