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WooHoo! I passed my CFCN exam today! So excited to get my business going!... Read More

  1. by   sallyspring
    Use a facebook business page to sell yourself.
  2. by   footqueen
    Ok, an update on my business. I opened a solo practice clinic in February in my small town (about 7,000). Starting with zero clients was slow. I advertised in the local paper with a discount coupon. This did bring in some business but slowly (aka- was still in the red). The local podiatrist sees me as a threat Now it's been 9 months. I have had 72 clients and I drive up to an hr away to do clinics. What I realized is that my clinic in my small town will probably close. It's just not worth the expense (sometimes I go in for 1 client/day), although my clients really rely on me (such a difficult call). I also do home visits, but they are more expensive, and therefore really only appropriate for those who are truly homebound. When I go to the bigger towns (Sr. centers, ALFs), I get a lot more business and can easily make $200/day. I am thinking of opening a new clinic in a nearby larger town, where I am sure after the initial slow start, business will really pick up. My experience is that the larger the city, the better you'll do.

    I've learned a lot having my own business. It is very expensive (equipment, leases, licenses, insurance, advertising, taxes) and takes a long time to grow. However, I am hopefull that it will soon bring in enough $$ that I can leave my "real" (aka reliable source of income) job Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Good luck to everyone. I can honestly say that almost every client that has come to see me has had only wonderful things to say about my services. Not tooting my own horn here, but simply stressing how important this work is. Most clients become repeat clients.
  3. by   dawnma
    I passed the CFCN Exam this weekend....Woo Hoo!
  4. by   yrmajesty3
    Excellent! Congrats! Did ya get the question about the paperclip? A little "dark ages" I thought. LOL
  5. by   dawnma
    I got that one on the practice test, not the actual test.