director of nursing developing and creating new home healthcare company!!

  1. I have ideas of my own and am in pursuit of making it come true. I'm a registered nurse seeking Nursing certifications while obtaining my BSN and then plan to obtain certifications under BSN while obtaining my MSN all the while making myself marketable to everyone!! Hoping to open a business where everyone in the community can come to for services, this including the individual community as well as the professional community. Any ideas or suggestions??
    What certifications would you suggest and do you know where is a good place to get the education for the certs??
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  3. by   Tiffany Alexander
    sorry forgot to put in there which is why a title that what I did I received an offer to be the director of nursing of the home healthcare company that this guy is creating........very excited......thinking that if anything our 2 goals for business can somehow linked together in the end. I've had lots of experience that would typically not be offered to my credentials over the past 7 years. BUT creating a home healthcare company from the ground is a little scary!! Unfamiliar grounds being treaded!! PLEASE ANY ADVISE WOULD BE GREAT!! I know how to find resources but want to make sure that I utilize them all which means I'm going to ask you guys is well!! :-). Don't want to disappoint or feel incompetent from the start!! HELP please!!
  4. by   HealthyNurse
    Hi Tiffany! I think you should first get focused in exactly what your goals are. It won't help you to randomly get certifications if you don't know what you want to do with it. They are many ways to be a nurse "in business". Before you spend money on certifications, make sure that it is necessary for that field or you feel that it will really make you more marketable.

    As far as the DON position, how does that fit into your overall career goals? It sounds like a great opportunity, but do you have experience in home health? If not, I would be wary about taking on a leadership position in a new company, which you may be expected to help grow. It's difficult to help a new business to succeed if you don't know anything about the industry.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   Tiffany Alexander
    Thank u! And yes, love home health!! Worked as RN in the home and then promoted to CS w/in the office of the same company where I played CS and DON for about 5mos. over whole branch. Homehealth I've got, its the creating that I'm inexperienced in.
    As far as my dreams/goals........I have my own certs I want to obtain in my specialty and the ones that are generalized will still advance my knowledg/RN services in that specialty. The suggestion comment was more for seeing if others had opinions I hadn't pondered.......not a point me in a direction statement.
    I love home health and find great pleasure and reward in the business......that's why I wld take this position. Not to mention gaining knowledge in areas of nursing--or mastering previous knowledge is never a loss, whether the benefits are more immediate or futuristic :-)