Can this be a realistic business--need some input!

  1. I've been working private duty/home care for a little over a year now. Over the last several months they've been growing their injections division and I've been doing home injections of various meds for RA, Crohn's, Growth Hormones, etc. I am now wondering how realistic it would be to open my own business that specializes in these various types of injections? I am wondering if this is a legitimate area that could successfully sustain itself as a long term business? In time I could add other services like infusions and become certified. I have done some home infusions of antibx's, through PICC lines and feel fairly comfortable with it, but for starters I want to focus on just injections. really enjoy the injections, and have been formally trained in about 5 of the various drug therapies.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Just want some input from those who are in the business. Is it better to become an LLC or Independent contractor? I am assuming this would be set up similiar to a home health business, but I'm not sure on that either? Is it true you have to be an NP for medicare/medicaid reimbursements? I know a lot of these patients are private pay, but there are some medicaid patients too so that is why I ask. Im in the state of NC if it makes a difference. Thanks for your help!
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    I know it is late to reply on your post but I think you have a unique idea..
    I don't know a lot of medications done by injections but I also happen to be comfortable in giving them to patients, I mean I am comfortable dealing wi needles.. Did you your put your business idea into practice?
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    Hi, this may be a little late as well but I sent you a private message.