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My book is now at the publishers. The entreprenuer in me has to come out now. Regardless of what service you have to offer the public, if they dont know about it, then they wont come to you. I am... Read More

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    Hi Patrick, congratulations on your soon to be converted e -book. Do you still own the rights to your book or you sold the rights to the company who is re packaging your book. I am also thinking of re-doing my book Heart Talk as an e-book. Did you have to pay this company any money up front for picking up the publication of your book?

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    Hi Yiggs, The copyright of my book is still in my name. I did not pay this company to pick up the ebook at all. I have an ebook of my book made before , but it was a copy of the same soft cover book. They are changing the cover art and treating it like any other work. I have learned the scams that so called publishing companies charge self published authors and I have learned my lessons.
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    Hi patrick1 RN,Thank you so much for your reply. I am thinking to write my experience as an RN in USA. I never wrote any piece so far. Any suggestions how to get started?
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    Here is an update.. My self published book was picked up by a publishing company last December and it is coming out as a E book nxt month. It has been re edited and I am satisfied with the work. It sure beats doing the self publishing route, that was a major headache considering I work 2 jobs. I still advocate for the book because it is about my experiences as a combat medic and I write about important issues such as dealing with ptsd. Its nice to see my book at big places like random house, barnes and nobles , etc.. I am working on my next book slowly .. I have learned my lessons in self publishing and it is best to avoid those scams that advocate for it
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