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Hi. I want to start a local / regional home care agency that employs, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and NAs. I have owned a business before (not nursing or medical related), so I know about operating a business and what licenses and permits... Read More

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    I am wanting to start my own HH agency and PRN staffing agency in Iowa but am at a loss as to how and what to bill for services, where to begin the insurance nightmare and how to compensate employees. I've never really been concerned with the compensation of care aspect before so now I am a little lost. Any ideas where to start?

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    Hi I seen your comments about operating an independ. facility. I am also starting my own Private Home Health Agency, I have a question about insurance(s). Do you wait until recieving referrals before you even start communicating with insurnace companies e.g Medcaid and Mediciaid.

    Again I am in the beginning stages I have rec'd my DUN# and my tax ID # now comes the endless papr work. Are there mandatory permits lease needed regardless of state residing in?
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    Hi, did you ever start your agency in Texas?
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    Do you have any info pertaining to a home health care that is strictly private pay? I wanna start out with aides
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    Hello everbody,

    I am planning to establish my non medical home health care agaency.If anyone interested in that Please send me e mail.I am living in Houston,Texas.

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    i am planning to establish my non medical home health care agaency.if anyone interested in that please send me e mail.i am living in houston,texas.

    are you still looking for individuals interested in helping establish your non-medical home health care agency?
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    hello sarahnancy,
    I am writing to see how everything is progressing with your homecare company. I live in texas also and i am also interested in starting a healthcare agency myself. You can PM me to talk more if i can be of any assistance to you as i learn how to start a HH company myself.

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