Nursing business-need help with idea

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    Hello everyone,

    Does anyone know how you can start your own DM or CM business? Not trying to compete with the big giants but wanting to do something small and have other nurses on board. Can you please help with information that could get me started in the right direction? Like what type of insurance would be considered enough for a small nursing business, etc. Thanks to everyone who responds.:spin:

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    I don't have any answers to your questions, but have you checked with SCORE? Do a search online. They offer free advice and assistance in getting everything set up.

    Good luck! I hope to be doing something similar to you in a few years when I have more CM experience!
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    What is a DM or CM?
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    Score is the place to check with, my wife is buying an animal hospital (she is a vet) and they have been really helpfull. They are staffed by business owners and they are non profit, so the help is free.

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