Massage Therapy Programs in Santa Clara County?

  1. 0 Hello, I am an LVN and I was wondering if anyone knew/knows of any reputable massage therapy programs in Santa Clara County, CA? (preferably w/in a reasonable price range?, but other than a community college?) I am very interested in pursuing this route and have researched the subject, but have come up short when it comes to local MT programs. I know there is National Holistic Institute, which is reputable, but a little pricey at this point in my life....Western Career College, and a few community colleges. I have also found a local program led by chiropractors that is only a few weeks long....but a good schedule b/c it's weekends/evenings only (which works well w/ my work schedule) but is only 360 hours of schooling....I'm wondering if I could do this initially and then take MORE classes in other areas of massage after? Not sure....any advice is WELCOMED!
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