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LPN/LVN foot care certification

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    A foot care course specially for LPNs is available at www.prof-educ.com. It is 10 modules, concise and easy to learn. But best of all, there is a specialty certification exam available now in foot care from NFLPN, the association, and I will come out with a FCNS, Foot Care Nurse Specialist, a foot care cert just for LPNs.
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    Is this acceptable in the state of CA? I need to know! Please help!
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    We still have to be within our scope of practice but yes, it is acceptable. What do you want to do?
    As soon as my personal situation clears up, I want to work in a podiatry clinic.
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    I currently work in a podiatry clinic and our podiatrists want to do away with general nail care as most of the time its not a "medical need" and not covered by medicare. I am hoping to find a certification course or program -something along the lines to qualify the LVN for basic foot and nail care (mycotic nails, cracked dry skin etc)

    I dont see anything on the CA board of vocational nursing regarding "intermediate" foot/nail care provided by the LVN -so I am unsure what is within the LVN scope of practice. Do you have anything in writing?

    thanks for your help! you can also email me at phamht@pamf.org
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    The CEs and Certification, I understand, are through the nflpn. I didn't need the CEs so did not apply for them, just am taking the course. It is quite long, comprehensive and I am busy, busy so it will probably take me another month.
    Go onto the site and contact the manager (www.prof-educ.com), though she is new, she will have your answers, pretty sure. If not, she will get them.
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    hi there...lam a RPN in Ontario.is there any college or universities doing foot care courses in Ontario Province.?Please seeking advice.Thanks.