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  1. 0 Hoping to find someone with Independent Private Duty Nursing experience. I am an LPN and I plan to aquire a provider number etc,, I would just like to find someone with experience in this area to help me get started.
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    I am an independent provider. I enjoy working for me! if you have questions i'd be happy to try to help. Good luck!
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    hi tanya.i have been an ip since 2001.has ups and downs.if u r bad with money,don't even bother becuz u have to do ur own taxes.otherwise some families have been nice,others have gotten so jealous of how much the nurse salary is,that u can't stand to work there anymore then u leave within the hr. u must have a supervisor.keep good documentation.we get audited once a yr. cases range from 8 hrs to 12 hour shifts.some homes r neat,some r dirty.some family members want to become the patient at times. it is the most money i have ever made,(that's y i love it so).the skilled cases consist of tracheas,g-tubes,ventilators.cerebral palsy,paraplegics,quadriplegics,seizures.ur days can start out with u giving a bath,put pt's cloths on,feeding,get pt ready for appointments or school,u have to go with the patient on the bus(u r the nurse and the nursing assistant on 90 percent of these cases).a lot of times the family may be at work or they may be there doing nothing.some of my pt's families did not want to be bothered with the pt.i'm just keepin it real.i am not going to sugar coat this and pretend like everything is peachy.u may find ur pt totally neglected by the family(piss from head to toe,feces,sleeping in the same clothes u put on them another day,etc)jus sad.there are some good cases tho.u jus have to familiarize urself and feel the vibe from the family.hope this helps.
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    Sticknurse how did you get started
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    hi here is the ohio dept of job and family service ph.no. 1-800-686-1516.i don't know what state u r from,but still call tha number and tell them that ur interested in becoming an independent provider,and they will send u an application.

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