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    I searched through the threads and found one on home health reimbursement but it ended in 2005 so I wanted to start again. I have a new home health agency and we are not Medicare certified yet. We need to see 7-10 patients while we wait for our survey for Medicare but seeing those patients for free is really starting to hurt us. I have tried to set up contracts with private insurance and other managed cares but most are closed or require Medicare.

    I have a few patients that have Blue Cross and I cannot get reimbursed because they require Medicare certification to be in their system. I heard of a company called homelink who can bill the insurance so that we can get some reimbursement but they do not bill Blue Cross. Does anyone know of any other ways to get reimbursed for services for private insurance patients? Or any other company like homelink?

    Any help would be great!
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    I haven't heard of any way of getting around no reimbursement while waiting on the Medicare survey. Blue Cross is especially particular and I don't think you are going to get any reimbursement out of them. Sorry I don't have any help to offer.
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    I am definitely seeing that, thank you for your reply!

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