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I have been interested in starting a foot care service for some time now and after reading posts from LoisJean feel this is something I can do. I would like to start out by receiving some kind of training but cannot find anyone... Read More

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    I had to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding information on the credentialing exam committee. I think it is ok that I have mentioned that there will be process in the future but will have to find out how much I can say. I do know that the process will be open only to RN's, but at least RN's with A.S. degrees will be eligible. Some credentialing processes are only for nurses with B.S. degrees or higher. WOCN is hoping to have this test available by next year some time.

    It is interesting that you mention olive oil Lois. Last summer I started making my own medicinal salves and use olive oil as my base oil. Last October I presented at the foot care nursing course in Winnipeg. My presentation was called " How to Incorporate Your Hobby into Your Business ". I did a slide show on making a medicinal salve. If anyone want the handouts for this, please pm me and I will email you back my recipe. It is really fun to be able to use something you make on your clients. And even better, it works!

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    Unfortunately WOCN is for BSN's only and you have to have verification of 4000 hours of wound care within 5 yrs of taking the certification test....Unfortunate because they (WCON) are eliminating a large group of diploma nurses that I'm sure are more than capable of performing this type of care...such a poor and shameful decision!:angryfire
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    On the other hand I think your medicinal salve sounds great and I'll be emailing you for the receipe if its ok....
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    You are wrong about the BSN requirement. The WOCN did a survey and found out that most of the RN's who are doing foot care are associate degree nurses. THIS CERTIFICATION WILL BE FOR ASSOCIATE DEGREE NURSES TOO. :hatparty:
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    Too bad they didn't include LPN's in their survey. LPN's like me are very capable of providing this type of service. I would have liked to be included too!
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    Unfortunately WOCN is only a RN organization. You need to contact your board of nursing and take the bull by the horns and make it happen! There are hundreds of LPN's in Canada with their own businesses and they are very organized. It needs to happen here in the states and it takes people like you with strong feelings to make it happen. Remember, this is a new field of nursing and it takes grass roots efforts to get these things organized. It is not going to magically happen. So you go girl! Make it happen. Do not wait, because you could be on the ground floor of some very exciting things. Take the initiative. There are many LNP's, it seems, who are writting in on this discussion board. Organize yourselves. If you do not, I bet you will always regret it. Call your state board and talk with a nurse consultant and see what they say.
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    I don't have a computer at my new house and I ask your understanding in answering my question, as this is a long thread and it may have already been answered. My professional and personal lives are currently in disarray, and my time is very limited. Where can I find a class in foot care such as the one refered to in Ontario? Can anyone give any specific information? I could travel if necessary.
    Thanks very much,
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    I sent you a private message re: the course I took in Ontario. But I'm sure that's not the only one. There are several classes to take on foot care in Canada, but at least this one was a private course, therefore shorter in time length. Check your PM for details.

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    Here is the site of a foot care course that looks interesting. It is in New Orleans in May. Check it out.
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    Here is the site of another diabetic foot course. Looks like this Physical Therapist travels around the country giving this course. No hands on nail training, but might be a good foundation for those weak in the diabetic foot area.

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