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I have been interested in starting a foot care service for some time now and after reading posts from LoisJean feel this is something I can do. I would like to start out by receiving some kind of training but cannot find anyone... Read More

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    Quote from Foot Care Nursing
    I'm new to this...but would like any information on setting up a foot care business any canada or getting in touch with someone who as...
    I' m a RN living in Northern Alberta..planning on taking a Foot care course in the near future.....
    I am in the process of doing this.
    I did up a business plan, marketing plan and 12 month cash flow, applied to my municipality for permission to run a homebased business. This is in case I need to apply for funding.
    I started collecting my instruments as I can, planning to have 10 kits. I have researched a lot of suppliers of tools, instruments and creams.( Just google foot care instrumnet suppliers in Canada). There is a foot care group in Alberta and I think that there is a workshop planned for early next year.
    There is a company in calgary that sells burrs at reasonable prices and one in Ontario that imports the Gewhol line pf products. Surgico medical suppiles inc does the Alpresan line ( lovely callus softener and nail conditioner).
    I have developed my own questionaire, intial exam form, consent form, flow sheet, referral sheet and incident reporting form.
    I have asked a friend to set up an accounts system in excel ( I have to pay her), and bought generic duplicate receipt books at the dollar store, and ordered a stamp with my logo and business address to use on them.
    My brother says not to do this under the table as the benefits of doing it right outweigh the other. He says that there are a lot of expenses to claim.( computer, filing, building maintenance,hydro, heat,etc to name a few)
    I went to anyone I thought could give me letters of support too.
    I plan to develop a set of standards for my business in case I need to hire anyone else, but that is for later.
    Oh! I got a business number from canada revenue and I have to charge HST and can claim back the HST I pay on anythign I buy.
    In Nl, there is a women's entrepenurial association her in NL and I joined that too. They gave help with a business plan. email me at if you wish.

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    Quote from LoisJean
    Greetings! and all is well, but very, very busy- (which is a good thing and would be an even better thing if I were 20 years younger!)

    I have a foot care client who is a Veteran. He has IDDM and can be considered brittle. When my services were requested by his physician, he was in the healing stage of a ulcerated corn. He had a history of ingrowth of both great toes. The Veteran's would not pay for nor reimburse him for the added depth shoes that I suggested he wear and which were ordered by his doctor.
    However, when he developed Charcot's Foot, the expense of added depth shoes and brace were completely covered. This puzzled me. There has been somewhat of a stir in the nursing community over the idea of Orthotic Specialities as a career change. It's a very interesting field...might be worth investigating.

    And, once again, for Raduda and others interested: LPN's too, can provide foot care. If you question this please PM me.

    To give an example of one of our foot care clinics set up 2 x a month at a local Senior Center: I set a fee for service. People sign up. Care is given and payment is made. 10% of my earnings are donated back to the center at each clinic visit. (This center does not request a rental fee from, I donate an amount to them in appreciation.)

    I will try to get back onto this board on a regular basis. With a new nurse on board and a huge increase in referrals, I have had to spend almost every waking minute 'on the job', so to speak.

    Miss all of you so much...but, I'm still here...still going strong!

    Lois Jean
    How do you PM?
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    Quote from Tutti
    I have a question I am hoping I can get some help with. I need to make a consent form for my foot care clients. Do any of you use one? I need to know what information I need to put on there. And if the Patient cannot sign for himself, and there is not a family member present, what then?

    Thank you in advance!

    I have one developed for my business. I put it on the back of the questionaire that the clients complete on the first visit. I have somethinglikethis Name, age, I ......... consent to receiving footcare from.................
    This consent is valid for 12 months unless I withdraw my consent.

    Relationship to client...................... Who cannot sign because...................

    Renewal date...... Signature.................Witness................. ....Date
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    Quote from guest***
    I spoke with 2 nurses from the certifiying board at the WOCN the other day and got some good news. This certification process is going to be open to Associate Degree nurses. I was first informed several years ago, when this was just an idea, that it would be for Bachelor Degree nurses and higher. Apparently they did a survey and found that most of the nurses doing foot care are A.S. nurses. So this is really good news. Now the LVN's/L.P.N.s need to go to their governing bodies and see how to get something going for them. It is very exciting to see this finally happening. It looks like I may be one of the nurses on the Exam Committee for this process and I will find out in a few weeks. I will keep you posted on any interesting developments. I do have one insight. I think that the use of dremel grinders is going to be very discouraged. I am going to advocate for the electric nail filing systems, something actually made with nails in mind and not craft projects. They are great tools, safe and with many different bits that can be sterilized.
    I only use the dremel to file thick hard nail to make it easier to use until I can use nippers. I rarely use bits prefering instead to use a blacks foot file. I find the best thing for dry thick heels often is a piece of sanding block ( foam covered with coarse and medium sand paper that I cut into 4 pieces) It works like a charm, just be careful not to use it on good skin. I prefer it to foot rasps.
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    I totally agree with you. I hope I can inspire confidenc in my clients so that they rely on my referrals etc.
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    can I have the recipe as well please.I don't know how to send personal mails.
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    Quote from Tutti

    I sent you a private message re: the course I took in Ontario. But I'm sure that's not the only one. There are several classes to take on foot care in Canada, but at least this one was a private course, therefore shorter in time length. Check your PM for details.

    seniorwatch inc. does a course. Five days.
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    Quote from ehresources

    First thing is to take a course and check for any regulations/guidelines that you can get your hands on. After that, the basic tools and equipment are: nippers or ingrow scissors (or a mixture of both), Black's files and Diamond Deb files. These are metal tools that can be sterilized between clients. I have a rubbermaid tool box stool that is easy to carry the supplies in and sit on while providing care. The other supplies are: 70% isopropyl alcohol, cotton balls, towels or dental bibs, masks, gloves and goggles (I don't wear the goggles but I really should to protect from flying nails and dust). I always wear uniforms to keep my work and regular clothes separate. I also prewash my uniforms and towels in bleach and then put them through a regular wash to reduce the spread of nail debris. It is a surprisingly inexpensive business to set up. The most expensive items are the nippers. I will recommend that you spend the extra cash and get good tools. You may save some money initially but the less expensive tools have to be replaced more frequently. I have the same good quality nippers that I bought over nine years ago, the cheaper ones are long gone. I think that is about it. Good luck
    I would like some advise about the nippers. Would you mind suggestign the brand or give info about the source etc.? There are so many out there it gets confusing. OH. If you email me, please explain how to pm someone.
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    Quote from nightingale
    Would anyone care to share their documentation on Initial Assessment Questions to ask?

    Anyone have anything on Word that they could download here for reference? It is very easy, if you have not tried it already, to upload an attachment on this Nursing Board; Let me know if you need help doing so.

    Tell me how to down load and I will scan a sample.
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    Quote from marialy21
    I recently took the basic and advanced nursing foot care course through my local college in Ontario. The teacher worked for the ministry of health of long term care and she used a dremel that you would buy at the hardware store.
    I use a dremel that is used for estheticians, but they are basically the same, just the one for estheticians is way more expensive and it is a little more esthetically pleasing to the eye. I used the dremel to file down approx 1 inch of callous on several areas of my clients feet yesterday, and without the dremel there is no way I would have been able to get results like this in such a short amount of time. The sanding attachments are disposable ... what is the difference between using these attachments and disposable files? Neither are sterile, they are one time use products.

    Another quick question ... do clients get to claim nursing footcare on their income tax?
    My carver friend was showing me his tools ( I got all of his burrs that he won't use) and he showed me an electric one that has variable speed. It usually goes on sale at Xmas time for around $30. He has about 5 at the same time so that he doesn't have to constantly change from burr to sanding bands. Once I have a physical clinic, I think that I will have two electric ones. Meanwhile, the cheapest source for a dremel kit I found was home hardware.$ 65.cdn. I have two for home visits and plan to get a couple batteries.

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