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  1. 0 Anyone have any experience with starting or operating a consultanting business? My current work is as an educator for a home care and hospice agency. I also have a background in quality and patient safety work. I am thinking about offering educational/training services to other home care and hospice agencies. It seems that there is a new agency popping up everyday and many do not have the financial or time resources to develop and implement staff education and optimize quality outcomes. My partner and I would develop and present the material and offer follow-up services (tracking outcomes to ensure that training was successful). Any feedback or suggestions on this idea? Thank you for any input!
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    I would like to talk to you. Would you please email me privately?
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    Its complicated enough that we would do better talking off forum, but the short anwer is "yes" I am thinking of something similar. I sent you a friends request.
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    I am also doing some staff education and teaching CNA classes and am interested in establishing my own business. I am not getting enough work. Would you please discuss this with me as well?
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    Hey Jm3rnLet me know, i definitely would like to help in regards to what kind of business your planning to get into.
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    1 1/2 yrs after my last post, I have a desire to help people in their homes, privately. I would like to have a small group of trusted people working with me to provide nursing, CNA, and homemaking services. On another note, I I have an NPI number and wonder if IL regs have changed so I can Bill medicare/medicaid independently.
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    unfortunately, having just an npi number will not grant you to bill for private services. You have to be a medicare home health agency. For insurances to use you, you must be an established company with liability insurance. FOr example as a Medicare Home Health Agency, I can only bill insurances if I am accredited by JHACO or CHAPS. So even for home health agencies, it takes us a while to be able to bill for home care services.