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Hi, I have my own training business and need to contract out instructors. I am needing help to develop a payscale. What do you think a CPR instructor should get paid per hour? ACLS Instructor? THanks for your replies.... Read More

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    got it..
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    I'm just starting out as an AHA instructor and I plan to charge $25 per class, minimum of 4 students. Center must pay extra for cards, they can "rent" my books for $5 each, one per student or they can buy their own from my training center. That's just my plan, we shall see how it goes. Good luck!
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    I just finished a CPR instructor course and am certified to teach BLS for Health Care Providers as well as Heartsaver CPR. If anyone on this board teaches CPR, can you PLEASE tell me if you had to purchase any type of liability or any type of insurance to protect yourself. This has been so hard to find out. I plan on teaching CPR independently as I don't have an agency that I work for presently. I will teach from my home, at designated locations, schools, daycare providers homes, employers offices etc.