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:rolleyes:Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this forum. I have recently decided in becoming an independent nurse contractor, and I would love to get information of how to start, where to go...I have no clue :uhoh3: and I am... Read More

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    Quote from nursecashflow

    As nurses, we develop a wide variety of skill sets that allow us to be successful in many types of business' After being an ICU nurse for 25+ years, I discovered that I can make a living away from the bedside;work part-time and enjoy holidays and weekends with family and friends.

    As a legal nurse consultant since 2003, I have built a successful company with clients nationwide and recently started a second venture as an independent energy consultant with a great company out of Dallas TX.

    The point being, there's lots out there for nurses in non-traditional business ventures. Just do your homework and see what fits with you.
    I was wondering what type of a program you would recommend to begin the process of becoming a legal nurse consultant? Also, how much demand is there for a legal nurse consultant? Thanks!

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