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:rolleyes:Hello everyone! I am so glad I found this forum. I have recently decided in becoming an independent nurse contractor, and I would love to get information of how to start, where to go...I have no clue :uhoh3: and I am... Read More

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    Hello there Kathi:
    would you please guide me on how and with who should I become certified as a wound care specialist. I am comtemplating the idea of IC and wound care has always been something I like. More info would be great. Thanks in advance.
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    I live in Vermont, and I too am interested in becoming a privat duty independent nurse. Does anyone know how to obtain a billing number for insurances or medicare? Or, better yet, how exactly do you get paid?
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    Does anyone have sample letters you send out for your bids? How do you approach that? How do you find out what positions are available and what hospitals/facilities are looking for independent contractors?

    I have been thinking of doing this too. I am very early in the idea, but I have owned my own business for several years. I have worked as a homebirth midwife and a lactation consultant. I love my job and love my business, but due to sick family members who need care and 5 kids to take care of, I can't be on call 24/7 and rush out to births at a moments notice. I am teaching nursing students in postpartum right now 2 days a week and really like that too, but need more income.

    I have an NPI number that I use. RN's can get one, you just go to the website and apply. I have been able to use that for some of my lactation work and even some of the midwifery appointments (and I am a direct entry midwife, not advanced practice). I have a billing company that I hire out and they do the billing for me, they specialize in midwives so they are very good at getting the reimbursements. I didn't realize that I could even get coverage as an RN, but I did!
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    You do not have to be a NP to bill medicare. You do have to have your own medicare provider number.
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    Hi, my name is Roz ,i am a RN and I am interested in becoming a independent Nurse Contractor BUT i just don't no how to get started! :-(... My husband and I are in the process of opening our AFC Home and a nurse will be paid to come into the home to do an assessment of the clients once a month and get paid for it. I would love for that to be me! Can you please help?!!!!! Some people say you have to be a NP to bill Medicare and some say you don't, is ther a sight that I can read up on this?
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    I am interested in starting my own business. I have many years in the fertility area and have found there is a great need for nurses willing to go to a patients home and give injections and support. anybody know what i need to do?
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    As nurses, we develop a wide variety of skill sets that allow us to be successful in many types of business' After being an ICU nurse for 25+ years, I discovered that I can make a living away from the bedside;work part-time and enjoy holidays and weekends with family and friends.

    As a legal nurse consultant since 2003, I have built a successful company with clients nationwide and recently started a second venture as an independent energy consultant with a great company out of Dallas TX.

    The point being, there's lots out there for nurses in non-traditional business ventures. Just do your homework and see what fits with you.
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    Hello Fellow Peers,

    I am RN student and will be graduating in May!! I have been an LVN for many years now and have a feel for what the outside field of nursing will be offering me. What I am looking for is to contract myself as independent nurse (hopefully after boards an independent RN!!! yeah in hopes of expanding and taking on other RN's. Any tips or words of advice for doing this. I live in Texas, speak spanish and have been in pediatrics for over 15 years...dont really want to do anything else other than pedi and realize that limiting myself to just pedi could hurt my chances of being please help. What do you think??

    Peace and Love,
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    Quote from sherrybaby911
    I am interested in starting my own business. I have many years in the fertility area and have found there is a great need for nurses willing to go to a patients home and give injections and support. anybody know what i need to do?
    Sherrybaby911 did you ever get anywhere with this idea?? I love it! I've done it a few times now for friends and thought the same thing! Why have a family member do it when you can have a nurse- the patients would love it
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    I was wondering what type of a program you would recommend to begin the process of becoming a legal nurse consultant? Also, how much demand is there for a legal nurse consultant? Thanks!

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