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Id have to say my biggest pet peeve is when someone hands you a medicaid card as they pull it from their Louis Vuitton handbag with bling on their hands after having rolled up to the ER in their Mercedes Benz! After that I'd say... Read More

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    Quote from danisweetcheeks
    when someone is discharged after a status dramaticus event and is so "sick" they are unable to put their own socks back on and whine for help. ugh.
    That was me yesterday. Guy said he couldn't even tie his shoes. I wanted to be like "wow, how do you function in society?"

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    I had a lady the other day ask me to feed her husband. I almost asked her if her arms were broken, but found a better way to say it. Her husband could have fed himself for that matter.
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    When you bring em back to a room and they say 'can I get a bus pass'. I really wonder how people get home from ER's in places that don't have public transportation..

    A repeat that still makes my skin crawl : footy socks.

    Can I have a work note, and an excuse for my bf/gf cuz they dropped me off.

    Admitting people 'for observation' this is a new one that's bugging me.

    I haven't eaten today, I haven't taken my meds today. It is now ur job to feed me n give me all my meds.

    Is diabetes the new free ride dx for everything?? I swear people toss it around like it's clout or something.

    You don't need my blood, or urine, or an IV, or X-ray or ct scan. But you need to tell me what's wrong n treat me.
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    preg tests and meal for the road.
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    Quote from Sassy5d
    When you bring em back to a room and they say 'can I get a bus pass'. I really wonder how people get home from ER's in places that don't have public transportation.. .
    they demand, and get, taxi vouchers......
    fortunately, fairly small town but we still get request to towns that over an hour away. Ah, no.
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    Driver's License physicals.
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    "I'm huuuuungreeeee."

    Yeah... so am I...
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    Abd pain or light trauma pts who get belligerent because they're NPO.

    You know, either come and work the program or get the heck on your way and open up the bed to somebody who actually wants to let us help them.
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    Used to see this more at my last job but pt's who come in and then, when I bring the ordered meds and/or d/c instructions, say, "Oh, I don't like to take drugs. I'm into natural healing."

    Um, OK.... so you come and stiff the joint for $1,000 to completely ignore the MD advice. What did you expect an allopathic physician in an ER to say, "Go home and drink some chamomille and milk thistle?"
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    Obvious drug seekers, especially the ones with a severe case of hypodilaudism...

    When I am literally in the middle of something, like a TRUE emergency, and someone comes up to me and asks, "excuse me, can you take out this IV?" or some other non-emergent request. Sure, let me just drop everything right away so I can take care of that.

    I also hate the people who come out in the hall and stare at the nurses! Like that is going to make your pain meds come quickly.
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