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Id have to say my biggest pet peeve is when someone hands you a medicaid card as they pull it from their Louis Vuitton handbag with bling on their hands after having rolled up to the ER in their... Read More

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    Family members staring from the doorway annoys the hell out of me. I wish ERs would have a no visitor policy until they are ready for admit or D/C. And asking for phenergan and Benadryl with your Dilaudid tells me you have done this far too many times. Especially when they ask for the meds not to be diluted and 'push it fast'. No thanks, I am not her to get you high or to feel a rush.
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    Abd pain or light trauma pts who get belligerent because they're NPO.
    Or they come in during the middle of the afternoon for the ankle they twisted yesterday morning. First thing they say is "I haven't eaten all day!" Yeah, well, neither have I, so deal with it.
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    Quote from turnforthenurseRN
    Obvious drug seekers, especially the ones with a severe case of hypodilaudism...

    When I am literally in the middle of something, like a TRUE emergency, and someone comes up to me and asks, "excuse me, can you take out this IV?" or some other non-emergent request. Sure, let me just drop everything right away so I can take care of that.

    I also hate the people who come out in the hall and stare at the nurses! Like that is going to make your pain meds come quickly.
    How about the ones who stare, know there's someone dying in the very next room and when you step out to grab the defib, they say, excuse me, are you going to get them something to eat or what?
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    My pet peeve:
    When the patient satisfaction survey is done and the inevitable question about how well the persons pain was controlled.
    Wonder why so much Dilaudid is given when Tylenol or Motrin would be perfectly adequate?
    Wouldn't want to get a bad score on the survey now!!
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    One of the local hospitals has a new billboard: "Zero tolerance for pain."

    I want to get a copy on my phone to show to people in the waiting room... there might be a mass stampede for their door.

    I had a pseudoseizure pt tonight... I'd forgotten how much they get on my nerves.

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