What is the best stethescope for an ER nurse? - page 2

After a long 3 years as an RN trying to get a position in the ER......I got it. Now all the prepartion begins. What is a good pocket resource, as I have no ER experience. What is the best stethescope to use? I have a cheap... Read More

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    I've used littman mostly, if the tubing cracks you can send it back and they'll replace it and the earpieces and recondition it for free, hint, don't wear it around your neck and it won't crack, or use a cover you can wash, also..whatever you get, have your name engraved on it...I've gotten mine back a few times once it was realized who it belonged to....

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    Thanks everyone! I am going to stick with my cheap littman for now and then see if I should spend the money. Tomorrow is my first day, and I am SO NERVOUS and EXCITED!
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    So how did your first day go?

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