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I've been an ED nurse for 5 years and just moved to a new state, a new job. I'm as confident as I can be after 5 years, I definitely don't know it all but I can hold my own. Yesterday, my 2nd week... Read More

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    Thanks iluvivt! I always listen to the patient too, and just this week I started 2 18s on grateful pts who told me the back of their forearm is the only place they can get a vein, and both thanked me "for listening" as they both said nurses usually don't listen and they get stuck multiple times! I always look, even when pts say they ALWAYS get a PICC or ALWAYS need ultrasound and I can usually get something! This pt was well versed in being a patient and right off the bat was saying "I have the right to refuse you sticking me and I refuse". Lovely.

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    Quote from TheCoppertop
    I know I did the right thing for the patient and I do feel better about it now. I'm at a L1 Trauma center and I'm surprised RNs cant do EJs, I've done quite a few at my previous jobs! I'm in that new job "prove myself" period and it sucks how something like this can knock you miles back down the ladder! The doc strode off before I could say anything and that irked me too. Its weird here, the docs have little offices with closed doors and we're supposed to relay issues to supervisors (charge nurses) and they in turn go speak to the docs. Like "Psst, hey supe! can you go enter the sanctum and tell the doc that my patient just went pulseless? k thanks!"Its bizarre to me, had this happened at any other place I've worked I knew the docs well enough to say heyyyy hotshot, this is what happened! Not here! I'm here for the Trauma experience but after a few years I will go back to a mid-size hospital where I can communicate. Its tough being a nameless face amongst 80+ nurses. I pride myself on being a careful and trusted nurse. I'm already doing well, kicked off orientation 4 weeks early because I got it, and assigned to critical rooms straight off. I don't say much but when my previous docs heard me say something was wrong, they trusted me and hopped to it.
    It is tough to go from a trusted position to having to clear everything through someone else. Chances are you will be progressing to a familiar and comfortable spot shortly though, if you are off orientation early and into the critical rooms already. They will see that you are confident and competent and free you up to do your own thing soon. I wouldn't worry about the jackass Dr too much, I'm sure you're already familiar with his type anyway. You did the right thing with your patient and you know that too. So, pfttt. Situation covered. You're a good nurse and you know it, so you shouldn't let others shake your confidence so easily.
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    Sometimes those stupid moments can turn into a story where, usually in report you all can laugh until you cry, you could incorporate the head blowing off part you did the right thing, obviously the Dr had issues....he has a few minutes to wait...geez. I know it can be tough when you're just trying to make his job easier, you know he can place the patient in trendelenburg just as easily as you, and where did he go anyho?

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