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Hey everyone.... I have been hiding away studying for the last month or so... getting lonely (I'm not too good at the complete-isolation thing). I am a new grad... I moved to Miami for nursing school, finished, passed NCLEX... Read More

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    I enjoyed Solheim's material, and felt that it helped me prepare for the CEN. I can't point to one piece of material as "the one thing" that ultimately did it for me, because I used several resources. But above all, I think my online ENA modules during my fellowship were the best, and they used content from Sheehy's.

    I used Solheim's audio (borrowed the CDs from a coworker) because I have a substantial commute, so that was really convenient.
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    Hi iridius...where did you find the info on the TNCC courses available in Miami? I will be graduating in a month and ER nursing is my passion so I also want the upper hand when it comes to applying. I know they recommend some experience to take the course but I'm confident that I can learn it. I'm already signed up for my ACLS cert in August and then want to do the TNCC after that. Don't think I'll be staying in Miami but still, the more you know hte better.
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    1st don't get too stressed if, as a new grad, you don't get an ER position in Miami. If you have connections you may, but otherwise, just apply to any and all jobs, that's what worked for me. I'm working in Lauderdale though, because nothing worked out in Miami, but it's great and ironically a shorter commute than a lot of the Miami hospitals (traffic and 95 express lane). I'm not in ER, but in an RCU (Respiratory Care Unit).

    The TNCC, ENPC and CATN classes info can be found on the ENA website. I did TNCC at Memorial (Hollywood), ENPC at Sarasota General (Sarasota) and CATN at Broward General (Ft. Lauderdale). I did ACLS, PALS and a Telemetry course through Nursing Unlimited (Miami Gardens) and NRP in St. Petersburg.

    Since, you may not stay in Miami I can't say anything about where you may go, I know a lot of places do take new grads so good luck.

    You have to wait till your an RN to get the CE credit for TNCC although you can take it before if that does'nt matter to you.

    I would recommend ACLS (you are signed up) and PALS before TNCC, also NRP... but there are few dates in each city, so take what you can when you can. I was an EMT and that helped a lot with TNCC.

    Good luck.
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    Quote from iridius
    Hey everyone.... I have been hiding away studying for the last month or so... getting lonely (I'm not too good at the complete-isolation thing).

    I am a new grad... I moved to Miami for nursing school, finished, passed NCLEX and realized that Miami has one of the worst job markets (especially for new grads) around. Anyway, I would move, but my wife is in nursing school now... till at least December. So, I figured, while applying for every job within a 1-2 hour drive I should learn as much as possible.

    I took ACLS, PALS early this month.
    I joined ENA and signed up for TNCC and CEN and have been studying for them this month.

    I worked as an EMT and ER Tech before moving to Miami, for 2 years. So, I found a lot of the info from that and these four certs to overlap. I have my TNCC class this Thursday & Friday and then my CEN exam the following Monday.

    I have been doing using Jeff Solheim review from Med-Ed (and they are awesome). It was affordable at $125.
    I have watched all of them two times, and have listened to some (while at gym or running or driving) an additional time. I have taken 3 of the 7 tests that are in the book I bought from ENA. I have read most of the TNCC book. I have also read about half of an EKG book.

    So far my average score is 76%, not bad considering I took the first one before any studying... if I drop that my last two were 81% and 78%, so I can't complain, but I would like to break 90% on at least one of them. I know TNCC will help me acheive that goal. My current subjects in need of further study are: Medical, Neuro and Psych.

    I know that most TNCC/CEN takers have been nurses for a while (recommendations are 6 months and 2 years respectively), but I figured it wouldn't hurt to do it, I will be more marketable, and it will show my dedication to ER nursing and initiative.... and most importantly it was fun and I learned a lot. If I had a job offer come up I would pounce on it, but in the mean time, I will keep applying and studying.

    I am looking forward to testing my knowledge... I know there is a big difference between book knowledge and practical application and I am happy I have the EMT and ER Tech experience for that reason, but I can't wait to improve on my "nursing" skills soon too.

    Anyway... I just had to take a study break, and I figured this would be the perfect forum... thanks... off to read about EKGs and review some of my practice tests, before the wife gets back from clinicals (I have to help her study for a pharm test)

    I am new graduate as well. Just got certification for ACLS. Considering doing PALS and TNCC soon. $$$$$ is the only issue but I am sure it will make me more marketable as well. Where should I look for the TNCC book?
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    I am working in ER and is on sick leave going to years. Before I return to work this year I want to enroll in the TNCC course. I am looking for a practice test book . Can some one help me!! thanks
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    Quote from Veeg
    ....I want to enroll in the TNCC course. I am looking for a practice test book....
    I'm looking for one as well.

    I purchased the TNCC book already, and am using that to study.
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    Quote from surviveslu
    ....Where should I look for the TNCC book?

    When you register for TNCC, the book may or may not be part of the registration cost. You'd have to ask the course administrator about purchasing one from them. You may be able to call ENA's course or publications office.

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