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I am a nursing student who will graduate in April. I desperately want to work in Trauma ER. Honestly, I just want to work on the ER period! As an ER nurse what can you suggest about getting connections in local ERs? I am doing... Read More

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    Quote from VICEDRN
    Why can we not simply close these threads the minute they open? This is easily the third thread with this flavor in a month.

    To the op: plenty of info on this topic already on this board.
    The new grad sticky should be updated to include all such postings and displayed WAY more prominently.

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    Although this maybe repetative to some of us it is new for this member.

    OP.....there is a search option in the upper right hand corner and you can search other responses on the site. As a new grad you will find the job market very difficult and may not find the position of your dreams right out of school....if you find a position at all. Many new grads are finding it takes an average of 10-14 months to find a position and it is not the position of their dreams.

    While it is possible to be a new grad in the ED it is extremely difficult for the pace is fast and the acuity is high at times. You will be trying to establish basic nursing skills like basic assessment and priority....but will have to master advanced skills like EKGs, IV, and drugs. It is extremely difficult but it can be done. Start networking now....get an ED tech position. Find a facility that has an ED residency.

    Good luck on your nursing journey!
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    Chiming in as another nursing student with ER aspirations... I graduate in December, and I'm currently precepting in an ER. I am doing well and my preceptor has stated that he would be a reference/recommendation for me. By the end of my semester/rotation, I'll have spent 3 months and done close to 300 clinical hours in the ER. Does this give me any sort of an edge when applying for jobs/residencies?

    I am hoping against hope that the hospital I'm precepting at may have residencies coming up... but I work nights, so the nursing manager is never there to ask! (I've met him and talked to him a couple of times in passing when I was first starting my rotation). Would it be appropriate to e mail him and ask him, if I don't get a chance for face to face contact? (or maybe sic my preceptor on him? lol)

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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