I get soo frustrated..............

  1. Last week, one of my ED psych patients was yelling at me because there was a speck of blood on the gauze i used for the site when i took out his IV ( he didnt want me to take it out and was upset because i refused to go get pudding for him from the kitchen after eating lunch and after i had just given him two cups of pudding one hour ago). He said " You need to come and do your job..thats what u get paid for and im not doing ur job for you ..God forbid if i bleed to death or get MRSA". I was this close to saying well..."I wonder why you are concerned about dying..arent you here bcosyou stated you were trying to kill your self and overdosed on percocet , ativan and tylenol" or maybe you just needed a place to stay and eat the three square meals with in between snacks we give you. But with the grace of God ( i was seething in anger), I ignored him and he got mad ..threatning to get me fired. I walked over to him..gave him my name and i actually described myself to him ..called the charge nurse and the ED. doc. and walked away. He must have upset the Dr. cos the Dr. told me that if things get out of hand he had orders to medicate him....
    I wonder what he said to them or what they said to him cos he was awfully quiet the rest of my shift. There goes our Press Gainey scores.........................................
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  3. by   anononurse
    I think you exercised great control!! I get tired of manipulative patients who think we are there to "wait on them" & keep them out of touch w/reality w/drugs!! Where is it written that nurses have to enable these dysfunctional people?? I maintain my composure- but it isn't always easy- just remember, they're the ones w/the problem- & working ED, I'm sure you've seen it all by now. At least you're not one of those nurses who coddles the patient & allows yourself to be manipulated by them, giving them everything they want when they want- which reinforces their behavior & makes it harder for the rest of us-- hello, it IS possible to be professional AND have a backbone!!
  4. by   DaMale Nurse
    You did the right thing. These pt's will push all of your buttons. From what you describe it sounds like a borderline personality disorder and not cussing them out is one of the hardest things you could ever do. You did wonderful! Don't doubt yourself!
  5. by   JoshuaAdamsRN
    I had to laugh at the end of your post. That's the remark I make every time there's a difficulty patient. "Well, there goes our Press Gainey score for the month..."