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Hello Everyone, My employer plans on cross training me to be in ER, ICU, and Telemetry Units. My first stop is the ER. I finished 2 months of RN orientation and am currently on my own in the ER.... Read More

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    If you are smart please heed my advice. Please do a yr there and get the heck out. Please go back to school or find a easier job. That sounds unsafe. You are working like a dog. MD's should consult with each other. Crazy. If you are smart you will try to advance your degree or find something easier. Best of luck to you in the mad house.
    I agree that my Hospital doesn't have all the resources that we should have. We don't have a secretary to help deal with phone calls and help with paperwork - and our Charge Nurse functions as a triage nurse! So if we got a crazy number of people waiting to be triaged --it is hard to ask for help from the CN! There are plently of times where I had to triage my own patients! --thats just how the department does it :/ --but im glad to say that I am currently in school to pursue a higher degree! Sometimes juggling work as a new grad and dealing with school is so tiring - but i know it'll be worth it!
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    If I was your boss I'd congratulate you for making it through. There are a lot of systems issues I see in your post, and nursing can't be expected to pick up the slack for everyone. Docs need to make their own phone calls, the middle man just introduces errors, and they KNOW that. If they hold an ICU patient and you're still covering ER beds, then all the in depth ICU niceties aren't gonna happen. As a new grad, you're still learning about what is and acceptable load, and you did more than your share on this shift.
    Yes, I agree! Sometimes I feel like the MDs are treated like GODS and its so annoying! Sometimes I feel like saying to the MD "You got your own set of legs and arms--you can grab your own chart!" But i hold back cas Im still new HAHA
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    Unfortunately, my ED will sometimes hold ICU, TICU patients. And I hate it! It sounds like you tried to do your best and that y'all were slammed, the only good thing that my ed does is that when we have to hold the criticil pts we can close part of the ed that is set up as a major room and use those rooms to hold but we group all those pts together BUT its usually still only 1:4-5 and if your lucky you may have a tech. BUT the bad part of that is that you then occupy those major beds and the major assignments can then be quickly over filled and then you have the dreaded "hallway patients". Again, sounds like you were doing good trying to hang in there, and your going to make difficult decisions about what needs to be done first. Don't sweat the "telling of the charge/boss". You did what you could and your only one nurse