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Hi, Just a tid-bit of info to those who are planning to work in an ER, or would just like to understand terms and what certain meds are for and what their uses are and why they are used. Correction of any mistakes are... Read More

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    What happened to ER102?

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    Very comprehensive and helpful. Thank you!
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    Great info on this site. I have only been in the ED for about 2 months and also have not had a lot of experience in certain areas yet. Some of the info I've been reading is familiar and some of it is new to me and will definatly help me in practice. Thanks.
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    Hi there
    I realise this is a very old thread, but I had a quick question about ET meds... I was taught that the acronym for ET meds was NAVEL

    Is the other list an older version? I just took ACLS for the first time last month so I'm not familiar with the older standards
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    hmmm well I have never heard of NAVEL...The current EMT-P Curriculum (National Registry) Uses LEAN...

    It seems he V could sometimes be confused as Versed OR Vecuronium which CANNOT be used down the ET Tube so NAVEL doesn't sound good to me.

    Luckily with recent advances in IO access, the ET Tube isn't used as often as it used to be for emergency administration of drugs.
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    Interesting... thanks for the reply

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