Burn out

  1. So I have only been a nurse for 3 years in a very busy level 1 trauma center. I LOVE my job, but am sick of trying to make changes and process improvements with very little support from management and higher acuity patients and higher ratios and fewer staff. Is it too soon to work in more of an admin role? I feel like a wimp looking at some of the nurses that have been at the bedside for 25 years, but also feel like nursing has changed a lot and patients are complete jerks now a days. Looking for affirmation of my applying to a cubicle position or a swift kick in the head to stay.
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  3. by   Cola89
    Could you try a smaller facility - still work er though?
    I recently went from small er to home health and although I wasn't totally confident in my er abilities

    I really think I was a better fit for er.

    You might really regret a cubicle position if you're like me, you like er partly because you want to get in, fix what's the main problem, then get out. You probably don't like burocracy and paperwork

    and you'd probably have to deal with a lot of both at an office job (!)

    and I know, a lot of pts are 'jerks' or very entitled. But you get to move them along faster when working in the ed. I feel sorry for step down nurses.
  4. by   nightbrightener
    For me it was an easy decision. Do i stay on the floor and smile and nod at new policy directives, then ignore as much as possible while giving the best care i can, and check a few boxes in EPIC... OR do i go to an office and try and sell chicken SH** as chicken salad to my floor nurses knowing my job is contingent on getting them to do this months stupid middle management idea, falls blankets, no oxygen in the hallway, PEEP round documentation rather than going in the room and just doing their job etc. Most of the ideas have some basis in fact, just often not in the reality of working in a packed ED. I will always try to support my managers in terms of my attitude and the care I provide, but refuse to shovel that sh** downhill in terms of policy buy in. Just a thought. now if the issue is that you are sick of the bedside... new floor, advanced practice or office are all options, they just have their own hassles.