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AED Technology

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    I am a Registered Nurse with a small non transport EMS group. Currently we are evaluating various AED ( Automated External defibrillation) units. We are at present evaluating the "Heartstream Forerunner". This particular unit uses 'bi-phasic' technology. Is anyone familiar with this technology and any particular research which supports bi-phasic vs conventional technology.

    I thank you in advance for your email.



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    I work full time as an RN & EMT for a small ambulance. This past spring we researched new AEDs. While I don't remember the technology you asked about, I can tell you that we ended up with a Zoll 1600. I'd be happy to share any and all info that went into our decision if you are interested. I can be reached at
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    Oops! Sorry, you were asking about AEDs, the Zoll 1600 is a semi-AED. Not sure if that makes a difference for you.
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    I come from the Pre-Hospital setting in a medium size New England town. We have been a Defib and advanced airway management transport service for over 10 years. We have had four primary Semi-AED's in our inventory since the beginning(Lifepak-5, Lifepak-300, Spacelab, Lifepak-12). Presently we are using the Lifepak-12 and are very happy with it. It comes in a modular concept which allows you to expand as your needs expand(i.e. pulse ox, manual over-ride, pacing, etc). I'm not pushing for Lifepak nor am I a salesman for Physio but just a satisfied user of their product.