DNP program BONUS qualifications?

  1. Hi all! I'm interested in a DNP program at a competitive school and am wondering if any DNP students have suggestions/advice for me with regards to making my resume stand out specifically to the program -maybe sepecific clinical experience they're looking for (I want to specialize in pediatrics). Do you know what would up my chances of being selected?

    I'm currently a BSN student and work as an RN. I've held leadership positions, received several awards/scholarships and am heavily involved with my community, I worry though, my experience clinically will not be sufficient for admission after completing my BSN (I'm in my first year). I work on an LTAC (long-term acute care) and have been a nurse for a year now. I sometimes even wonder if they want more experienced RN's?

    Any DNP students/DNP prepared nurses out there? I need your guidance!
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  3. by   SHGR
    To tell you the truth, I think they look for other things than experience per se- do you have potential for the level of scholarly work that will be demanded of you, and what is your drive to achieve success in the program- that it's more your combination of smarts and drive. Like, the things that weigh heavily are your letters of recommendation, transcripts, those kinds of things. You can't lie on your personal statement/CV, but you do have to portray yourself as having the potential for educational success, and definitely toot your own horn!! I'm applying to different grad programs myself, including DNP. Best of luck to you.