calling all doctoral prepared nurses!

  1. Dear Colleages,

    I am a doctoral student writing to ask for your help with an assignment. As part of my study on concept analysis I need to interview doctoral prepared nurses on their concept of nursing. I hope you will not mind providing your perspective to the following questions:

    o Do you think the art of nursing and the science of nursing are independent parts of the discipline of nursing, or are they co dependent? What are some examples of how you practice the art of nursing and the science of nursing in your position?

    o What do you consider your role in the development of nursing knowledge in your current setting, in your city, and in society as a whole?

    o Where do you foresee the discipline of nursing in 10 years? Where do you see yourself practicing at that time? How will you get to that point?

    o Do you have any advice for a nurse pursuing doctoral education in nursing?

    You can send your responses to my email via the link above or via pm! Thank you in advance!!! Happy Holidays!
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