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I just got my acceptance letter for the University of South Alabama's DNP/post-master's FNP program!! Anyone else headed to USA's DNP program in the fall 2013? Part of me is excited and part of me is wondering what i just got... Read More

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    Kind of a weird question. I have been acceppted to the DNP dual role program at USA. I would like to change to the MSN of the same program (dual role) or MSN for the FNP. Have any of you had experience doing this? Is it doable? Or am I going to have to reapply for the new program all over again?

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    That is cool!I haven't tried it yet. I just got interviewed at GCU and I am still waiting for results. I will look into St. Joseph's, too. Thank you.=)
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    Hello to everyone. Congratulations to you all on getting accepted. I am interested in applying to USA's Emergency NP dual Fnp-Agacnp track and wanted to know about the application process.
    A little background about myself.: I graduated December of last year with my Bachelors and started in the OR at a level 2 trauma center July of this year. I would like to begin my DNP process sometime next year; hopefully Fall. I absolutley love being in the OR and hope to someday be a NP-RNFA. I know its early in my career but I really want to get a head start on it now before tuition prices go any higher than they are now.
    Question: What is the application process like and what are the requirements? Any information will be greatly appreciated
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    What's up with the drug testing requirement for a doctoral degree? Is medical marijuana not legal in Alabama yet? No that I use it, but still, drug testing for a DNP?
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    Any updates? How is the program?
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    Does the BSN need to be completed before applying? I will be finishing up my BSN December 2014 and I was hoping to start the BSN to DNP program in January.

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