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Hello- Just a brief background on myself, I will (with all going according to plan) be graduating with an ADN this summer and plan to follow immediately with earning a BSN. Have good grades,... Read More

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    Agree with above posters, when I was in ADN school I just knew I was going to be a CRNA, until I slogged out my year in ICU and actually saw the work CRNAs did (no offense, just doesn't interest me, even for all the money), then I was in labor and delivery and just knew I was going to be a midwife until my practical nature got in the way and I switched directions and became a family nurse practitioner. Just saying, as others have said above, focus most of your energy on getting to your 1-2 year goals, all your possible goals require you to have good grades and get that first job, which depending on where you live, might not be the easiest of obstacles. Above poster was right saying there is nothing wrong with long-range planning, but I think in your first few years of nursing, those goals need to be a little flexible.
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    Yes, also agree with llg. I too knew just exactly what I wanted to do when I was a nursing student, and then I got the "dream job" and hated it because it turned out to be nothing like I expected. Life's a funny old dog. Some people, like the other pre-CRNA student, really do know exactly what they want to do and move forward in life with singular purpose. I find those people to be exceptionally rare, actually. Your interests are pretty diverse, and IIWY I'd spend some time in practice before moving forward. It isn't a race, it's a journey. Savor it. Good luck.
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    Great advice! I enjoyed reading all the opinions lol.I agree thy staying flexible and getting the experience is much more important than setting firm ideas about where I want my career to go. It's almost like patients with hard work will lead to the inevitable career choice. Thanks again!!

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