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Hello all, The University of South Alabama offers a DNP with an education focus, in addition to the NP-focused DNP. My question is: can I teach with this degree at the university level? I realize this degree is a relatively... Read More

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    from what i hear from faculty at my program, schools that offer the DNP are tripping over themselves to hire DNP faculty members (at least out in the west - i can't speak for schools back east). M
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    While there is still much debate on the role & value of the DNP, I think that for those nurses who really want to focus on practice issues (whether in teaching or administration or public health) it offer an eduacation that meets those needs. There are wonderful DNSc/PhD programs avaialable if research or developing new theories is your passion. Having the DNP for those of us not interested in those venues will only bring more nurses back to school, I believe. Finally, there are doctoral education programs to fit most any nurses goals. I see it as a plus, and with a bit more time I think that they nay-sayers will also see the value in this 'new' doctoral program.

    Whether having more doctorally prepared nurses available to teach at the university level is another issue totally. Without a change in nursing culture at the unit level, with managers and staff nurses open to helping educate at the bedside, then we will continue to have a building nursing shortage. We can give them the science and theory in the classroom...but without expert nurses at the bedside helping students apply thier new kowledge and skills in real world settings, and role-model nursing in the real world, we won't graduate competent novice nurses.
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    Quote from menetopali
    from what i hear from faculty at my program, schools that offer the DNP are tripping over themselves to hire DNP faculty members (at least out in the west - i can't speak for schools back east). M
    That is the experience at my university. The first DNP cohort started last year, and that was only for individuals already holding a masters-level NP. The thought for the first cohort (and possibly the first few) is to "grow our own," in terms of faculty: while there have been Master's prepared faculty particularly in the NP program, it doesn't make sense to have master's prepared faculty teaching DNP students -- so bringing NPs up to DNP gives them a pool of potential faculty (if/when this hiring freeze ends).

    One anticdotal comment about needing to do research to achieve tenure: while every institution, not to mention tenure committee is different, my dissertation chair just recently received tenure, and while she has been involved with research, she has very little where she was the PI (and therefore the source of that extra revenue). She has, however done a lot of other work: teaching, writing, committee work, development of larger education initiatives, etc. So while she was on a research track her lack of NIH awards did not stop her from getting tenure.
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    Newsflash: Today, I'm made aware that the CCNE does not allow any university offering the DNP degree to offer it to nurse educators, only nurse administrators, NP's, or CNS's. So just wanted to update anyone considering the DNP that they need to be an NP or CNS in order to qualify for admission for the degree. You can obtain the DNP with an education focus if you fall into one of those categories, but cannot enter the program as an MSN-Ed.

    So, I'm going to consider a PhD or EdD for me............

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    I was told by my school that I would have all of same teaching etc privedges as a PhD. I plan to teach when I graduate.

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