Can one teach at the university level with a DNP? - page 2

Hello all, The University of South Alabama offers a DNP with an education focus, in addition to the NP-focused DNP. My question is: can I teach with this degree at the university level? I... Read More

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    Newsflash: Today, I'm made aware that the CCNE does not allow any university offering the DNP degree to offer it to nurse educators, only nurse administrators, NP's, or CNS's. So just wanted to update anyone considering the DNP that they need to be an NP or CNS in order to qualify for admission for the degree. You can obtain the DNP with an education focus if you fall into one of those categories, but cannot enter the program as an MSN-Ed.

    So, I'm going to consider a PhD or EdD for me............

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    I was told by my school that I would have all of same teaching etc privedges as a PhD. I plan to teach when I graduate.

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