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Hi Future Nurse practitioners, I applied to UFL for Fall 2013 admission to the BSN to DNP program. Has anyone else applied? I applied to the Family Nurse Practiotioner program there. I would love to hear some feedback from... Read More

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    It was pretty standard. I applied to UFL and JU.

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    I thought it was relatively simple...I had to take the gre so that was the worst part...and of course i did the best on the writing
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    Which doesn't count, but oh well....i check the mail everyday with hopes that the letter will be here earlier....the end of April seems years away!
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    Oh don't let me start on that Gre... I did not attend any schooling in the USA except my last year of high school so it was unfamiliar to me. I got 5.5 on my essays though and did fine on the math and the essays but some of the vocabulary was awful but I did my best so I guess I will just wait now. I tried studying 6 months for the Gre but the vocabulary words were hard to memorize since the way I spelled some of them were different from the way they are spelled or pronounced here. Anyway, we will see what happens.
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    Anyone got great GRE scores?
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    I am applying too. The deadline was not March 15th - that was the date starting acceptance. They will accept applicants up until May 31st per their website. I am taking the GRE AGAIN in a few days. I met the math score requirement but not the verbal. Is anyone applying with lower GRE scores than required? Anyone have any tips on the Verbal?

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    Hi RachelLee :-) I am glad I studied the Kaplan Gre 800 word because I saw many of them on the GRE. Also read a lot of the Passages especially the hard ones and it will help to raise your score.
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    My understanding was that the deadline is March 15, but they will accept applications on a space available basis until May 31. I emailed *********, of the FNP track when I was considering applying to that back in August and she informed me that they review applications on March 15.
    I used the princeton review books and I liked those much better than the kaplan books. I used flashcards and just memorized as many words as I could. Practice questions, practice questions!! I got 153 on math and 155 on verbal, with a 5 on the writing...i dont know how greatly they consider the GRE scores, or how well people do on it typically...i havent spoken to anyone thats taken the new one so I dont know how competitive my scores are, or what other people are scoring. Hopefully its enough for what I need.
    Anyone hear of anyone applying to the Pediatric Acute Care NP?
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    I also read a thread on here from a few years ago, and there were people who didnt meet the GRE requirements and appealed it and got in
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    Yes that's true some people have appealed it but you have to have string recommendations, nursing experience and meet all the other requirements they have listed. I was told its not just the Gre scores that will let them say yes. They look at the candidate as a whole. My verbal was 150 so I did actually appeal on those grounds.

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