Anyone applying to the UFL Fall 2013 BSN-DNP program - page 3

Hi Future Nurse practitioners, I applied to UFL for Fall 2013 admission to the BSN to DNP program. Has anyone else applied? I applied to the Family Nurse Practiotioner program there. I would... Read More

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    Keisha - do you apply and wait for your denial letter before doing the appeal? How does this work?

    Thank you!

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    You have to request an appeal if you think there is a requirement that may get you denied and they will only let you appeal under certain circumstances. You must do the appeal before they start sending out the letters! If you need to appeal do it quickly as they start mailing letters the end of this month.
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    If you wait until they make a decision they won't accept an appeal. I know this for a fact because I asked.
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    Did anyone get any correspondence form UFL school of nursing?
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    nothing about you?
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    No not yet but I see my profile set up with the registrar but no info that I am admitted. I did get a request for my physical to be completed on their form and submitted to the the health resources office.
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    @rachellee did you send everything in ? They are accepting people until 5/31 :-)
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    Where did you go to see your profile?
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    oh man now youre making me nervous becuase I havent gotten anything...did you receive something in the mail asking for your physical?
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    I got the request from health services in my email so I am sending the physical on their form. Don't be nervous I haven't got a letter as ye saying if I'm accepted. I'm waiting with abated breath. I hope we all get accepted.

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