H5N1 Bird Flu updates - 2013

  1. This thread is a follow-up to indigo girl's threads about H5N1 (Bird flu). Despite the lack of media notoriety, bird flu has not gone away and is still a worldwide public health threat.

    I have prepared an overview of human H5N1 infections in 2012 entitled H5N1 in 2012: The Year in Review.

    Abstract - In 2012, 32 human cases of H5N1 were reported from around the world, the lowest number of reported human cases since the World Health Organization (WHO) began reporting H5N1 cases in 2003. In 2012, six countries reported cases, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, and Viet Nam. More than 60% of the reported cases died, a slight increase in the fatality rate over 2011. Although there were only 32 cases reported in 2012, five are associated with two clusters. The source of infection for all of the cases has been reported as exposure to sick and dying poultry.

    Also, in 2012, controversy over H5N1 laboratory experimentation erupted, several genetic studies were published, and seroprevalence results were evaluated. Although fewer cases were reported in 2012 than preceding years, an H5N1 pandemic is still a potential worldwide public health threat.

    The full article is presented at this FluTrackers link.
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  3. by   olddragger
    good point Al. Swine flu has not been eliminated.
    Perhaps there is hope in the new all in one vaccine under development. I do hope so.