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Who's the boss??

  1. 0 One day the body parts had a disagreement. It seems every part felt it should be boss.

    The brain said, "I should be boss because I'm in charge of all the body's responses and functions."

    The feet said, "We should be boss because we carry the brain where it wants to go."

    The hands said, "We should be boss because we do all the work and make the money."

    The heart said, "I should be boss because I keep all the parts supplied with blood."

    The lungs said, "No, we should be boss because we bring in the life giving oxygen."

    Then the kidneys spoke up and sid, "You are all wrong, we should be boss!"

    They all laughed.

    So the kidneys went on strike.

    It wasn't long before the brain was foggy, the feet were swollen and shakey, the hands were weak, the heart was misfiring, and the lungs were blowing bubbles.

    They all yielded and let the kidneys rule.