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I am interested in learning about becoming a transplant nurse and am wondering how and where i need to start. And info would help and be appreciated!!... Read More

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    Sorry for the late reply.Yes, actually I just completed the initial hr phone interview today. He seemed pretty confident that the hiring manager would want to meet with me. If I do well with that, then it's meeting the docs (which many I already work with in the ICU, just don't know of they like me or not . ). So fingers still crossed. The only bad thing is since the position is at the facility I currently work at, I had to email my manager today to let her know that I had applied. Hopefully that won't cause any problems if I don't get the coordinator position. Cuz you know in the back of their mind they think "she wanted to leave . . . Is she invested here? Hmmm"Wish me luck!

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    Oh my that's a lot of people to go through - when I had my interview it was my manager, the assistant manager and the medical director of the transplant program. One interview, 45 minutes with all three. After working a night shift. On my birthday. But they all knew me, the assistant manager just not as well as the other two. So wasn't too stressful. In fact when the medical director came in he looked at me and said "Why now?" (he had known me for about 5 years on the inpatient unit) to which my manager looked at him and said "That's not one of the questions!!" But as soon as we were done he was asking again. At least I had a laugh before I came home to bed. Good luck - keep us posted!
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    So I met with the program manager. I think I came off ok. I just suck at all those "how do you deal with conflicts with team members" and strengths and weakness questions. I always sound like an idiot and often just blank out.. the manger was really nice though. We are trying to set me up with a meeting with one of the main docs. I learned a little more about the position. My hospital does an odd split of patients (the program manager said that). One coordinator manages the wait listed people for this specific organ and the other coordinator manages the evaluation process for listing (the position they are needing to fill). Everyone rotates on call. The only question I haven't asked yet is the salary/pay. From your experience should I be expecting a pay cut/increase from staff nursing? I have only 4 years of experience so I haven't racked up too much in merit pay, lol. Sorry for the long paragraph, can't seem to format on mobile devices with allnurses app.

    I'll keep you updated! Thanks for all the info!
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    Sorry, I can't comment too much on pay scale, since we are unionized here my pay is exactly the same as I was making before I moved. Although our position title is Transplant Coordinator we are classified as staff nurses so there was no change in pay. Only the cardiac transplant coordinators do call here and that's how we like it. I hate those strength/weakness questions too. But the transplant program manager was also my manager on inpatients so she knew me really well and helped smooth things over. Made it a bit easier. How many patients would you be expected to manage? That would be one thing I would want an answer to for sure. Good luck with the doctor meeting - fingers crossed!!
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    From my understanding, I wouldn't be managing patients that are on the list, I would be in charge of the evaluation for transplant and placing on list. And of course, rotate on call for calling in patients, setting up transplant, and I think er issues with transplant patients or something like that. Although I doubt I will get the job, but at least I wasn't turned down right after the first I interview. So . . . Fingers still crossed. But I think my fingertips are starting to go numb, . I just hope that if I do get offered the job, it doesn't involve a pay cut. Because as much as I would love to accept this job, a paycut isn't an option. Even after the hell week I had on the unit .I did have a few more transplant coordinator question: what is the career progression for a transplant coordinator and what kind of advanced degrees would be beneficial to attain (MS/PhD areas)? I know there is a transplant coordinator certification.Thanks and have a good weekend.
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    Where I work none of us have anything higher than a Bachelor's degree (except our manager, she has an MBA). We have a couple of NP's that work with the renal program, but they don't work in transplant. However, where you are things might be different. NATCO does an Introductory Course for the Transplant Coordinator which I attended 10 years ago and found it to be quite useful. No one in my clinic has the CCTC or CCTN at this point. None of us aspire to management so we are all content with where we are. We do have some movement within the organ groups (eg moving from renal to cardiac or whatever) so there is always another challenge for us to try if we get bored. Not that it happens too often.
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    Thanks for the info. Finally have my meeting set up with the doc this week. After that meeting that day, the manager wants me to meet with one of the other coordinators (who was my preceptor as a new grad in the ICU. I just hope she remembers good things about me ) The manager also wants me to meet the admin asst for the coordinator. Apparently I am meeting the bigwigs and main people. So even if I don't get the job, it appears as though they are really considering me. I'll take all the confidence boost I can get . I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the info!
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    I'd say that sounds pretty promising.... Good luck!
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    Guess what? I had my meeting with the dr and a few other staff members this am. Went well. Apparently they all had pretty good opinions of me coming in. The doctor said she was excited that I had applied. Ego boost, much? No pressure either huh. Anyway, just got a call from HR a little while ago and . . . . . I WAS OFFERED THE POSITION! OMG! And since nobody I know is answering their phones, allnurses is the first to know! (besides my dogs and cat who think something is wrong with me yelling and jumping up and down, but they seem pretty excited for me )

    RN58186, thanks for all your help and mentorship ( is that a real word?) during this! You rock!
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    Aweome! So glad to hear it! You are eager to learn so I think that will make a huge difference. And yeah, always nice when the doctors want you there! When do you start? Did you find out about pay scale? Is it the same as what you are making now? I am so pleased for you, congratulations on sticking through all those people to get the prize!! Keep me posted!!

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