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Phone interview for Davita

  1. 0 Just wondering what to expect when Davita calls me tomorrow. I do not have dialysis experience but I do have a year and a half medsurg. I am very interested in working in dialysis. Any advice?
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    How was your phone interview? I am suppose to have one this week too. The pre screener stated it would be more clinical questions.
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    I just had a phone interview with them, and it actually wasn't that bad. I have about a year an a half experience in sub-acute. They asked me why I would be interested in dialysis nursing, a bit about education, would I be willing to train, etc. Good luck!
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    RBFinn~ Thanks for the response
    Was that the initial interview with the recruiter? Have you had any contact after that? I spoke to the recruiter this week and he said the unit will be contacting me soon. Which will be another more in depth clinical base interview.
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    I had an interview with the FA the following week (Friday). Very straightforward. She asked me why I wanted to get into dialysis, why I was leaving my current job, my current dialysis knowledge, to describe myself, and how I feel about teamwork. She did wind up offering me the job, now i am awaiting an email from corporate on Monday. This is in NJ btw.
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    WOW!!! that took a while to have interview. Congrats and best of luck at your new job.
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    Ha yeah...I'n always a nervous person wih giving notice to my current job also...when do I give it haha. Thanks! Good luck with everything.
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    When are you suppose to start? Give 2 weeks notice if you can.