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Hi fellow nurses!:nurse: I'm an RN who has been working in LTC for 3 years since I became a nure. I have a phone interview coming up next week with DaVita for the position of Acute Dialysis RN. I was wondering what type of... Read More

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    Rosedale4u, which state do you work in? I find that more locations in Florida accept new grads. What exactly is your job description(if you don't mind sharing)?
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    this was a great and helpful post...
    how did the interview go? any tips on that?
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    I am curious on your outcome of that interview. I have a phone interview with them, and planning ahead? any enlightenment that you can provide?
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    AmaruAgent, how did your interview go? Did you end up working at Davita? If yes, can you share your experience and what the working environment is like?