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does any other dialysis nurse out there work (train) basically under a pct? it seems to me to be more like boot camp training and speed is more important than pt care and safety? the last time i... Read More

  1. by   just keep swimming
    [QUOTE=mxems;5997933]I was a new grad nurse hired at an out-patient dialysis clinic and did 8months on the clinic floor as a PCT. The normal training time was 4months but because we were so short staffed I continued to work as a PCT. At the time I just wanted to get into the nursing side of things but looking back, the time on the floor was invaluable in learning the machine, the patients, and managing the emergancies and complications that come throughout the day.

    I personally find it hard to believe that nurses should verify everything the PCT has set up on the machine and patient if they haven't done it and mastered it themselves. Nurses should be trained by qualified PCT's in my opinion to learn what they go through on the floor each and every day so that they understand what they need to do as nurses to help the PCT's and to gain the PCT's trust as their nurse.

    It is hard as a new nurse to gain the trust of a 5, 10, or 15 year veteral PCT on the floor. You do that by going through their training and being humble and not letting the title of nurse go to your head and thinking that your better than them.

    If you have a bad trainer then you have a bad trainer. Learning from anyone bad is not going to get you anywhere. I had great trainers and I have great PCT's who may be a little burnt out on their job but they still perform above and beyond what I believe is required.

    I don't have that long in the dialysis field but I do know that if you don't respect what your PCT's bring to the table in the form of care, and if they don't respect you, then it's bad for the patient and bad for the reputation of your entire clinic. It's not an individual that gets the bad wrap, it's the entire facility, that's why teamwork is a must from the PCT, to the nurse, to the dietician, to the social worker. "

    One million kudos to you!!! You cannot supervise effectively if you don't know the job. People need to stop worrying about titles and learn the job. These people are your team, not just people who work under you!