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I am new to dialysis after working ER for 20 some years, then med surge for a short while then LTC for a short while..I cry almost every day when I leave work. I have now the understanding that six weeks of training will get you... Read More

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    I have been in dialysis since 2000, started with Fresenius then went to Davita. I have worked in some great clinics & 1 particular clinic that was an absolute hellhole. It is hard work, but I like the relationships that we develop with our patients. I do remember that the first year I wanted to quit every day, but I was not determined to let it get the best of me. And I have been here ever since. Just hang in there, it really does get better!

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    Is is true that 12 hr shifts are more like 14-16 on a regular basis at the two larger companies?
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    Quote from Ryan RN
    I have a friend who works as a dialysis tech... If he can do it anybody can... I dont see how the RN role is that much more difficult.. SeriouslyYears of experience means nothing... The quality of those years is a different story...With that said... As long as you havent killed anybody, youre doing something right
    I think you are very wrong. I have been in dialysis for 9 years, 2 as a PCT and the rest as a nurse. I am charge in a 24 chair inner city unit with patients who have no primary care and multiple comorbidities. Not anyone could do this job. It is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing and the learning never stops as long as you want to learn.

    I have worked with many nurses and PCTs who couldn't hack it! The role of an RN in dialysis is a lot more complicated than you think...please do not put down a specialty until you have tried it.

    Trauma, you are right, it may not be as chaotic as a level 1 trauma center; however the backround stuff that RNs do in dialysis can be very in depth. And, at least where I work, there is no one to turn to if there are complications or emergencies. I don't have a team or a doctor there with me when I run a code. Assessment skills are crucial because a doctor is not coming right behind me to verify what I find. Then add on top of all of that the need for good management skills because you are managing a whole team of PCTs....the list goes on!

    I guess it is possible to do the minimum to make sure your patients "just survive" but if you want to be a good nurse, there is a lot more to do than just that....think nephrology, cardiology, endocrinology wrapped up into one job.
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