New grad, Tomorrow Renal floor job interview..

  1. Hi guys..
    Im like a ghost in Allnurse ,never post before but always reading. I just graduated from my AD on december, I landed an interview on a renal- transplant- post dyalisis floor. Originally i was looking for an Icu position, but as new grad is very hard to find it.
    Just want to know what kind of question can i expect at the interview??
    Is this floor a good step for icu??
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  3. by   hawkfdc
    Everyone's questions are different but YES this is a great step towards ICU. Renal patients are some of the sickest in the hospital.
  4. by   nurseyNurseMI
    i graduated in may 2009 and have been working on a renal transplant/nephrology unit since july 09. my goal is also to move to the icu and nephrology is a good place to start.

    esrd pretty much affects your whole system and offers a solid nursing foundation. on my unit we see lots of transfusions, electrolyte/fluid imbalances, post-surgical care from transplants/biopsies, arf, on and on. also general med-surgy, like chf, ami, malignant htn, and randoms who couldn't get beds on the units where they belong. also the standard amount of nursing home patients, crazies, and drug abusers. i cannot believe how much i have learned since i started working and also imo it's good to start on the floor before moving to an icu because you see more and learn time management.

    for my interview, it was basically like any other. give me an example of how you have handled a situation in which people disagreed. why are you right for this position, etc. maybe just be honest and say i want to eventually go to icu and am very interested in learning about f & e and acute illness and could learn a lot from this floor. if you want to learn, a manager will probably love you. good luck, let us know how it goes.

    edit: lol i'm also a "ghost" on allnurses and rarely post but always read...just noticed your original post was march 16! how did it go?
  5. by   germensano
    Hi Thank you for the reply!!!
    well, i didnt get the job, because i study for my BSN in the afternoons m-f and they want all the flexibility. I almost beg for the job but they only told me that i must choose job or education. Now i got a parcial job on the employee clinic, Im feel very depress because its very secretarial, lots of papers but need the money.

    I just waiting for response for a PACU interview.:icon_roll