new dialysis RN to work acute?

  1. Hello! I'm an RN with a year's experience in Med Surg. I just applied for a job as a dialysis nurse. I was under the impression that the position was for the chronic clinic, however, it is for acute care. The manager assurred me that I would recieve adequate training in the chronic clinic before going into the hospitals. I was curious if it is common for a new dialysis nurse to work in the acute setting. I am comfortable with medical and surgical patients in the hospital, it's the dialysis process that intimidates me. Any input would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
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  3. by   Tish88
    You will do just fine. When I started doing dialysis 15 years ago, I went straight to doing acutes. I was trained in the acute setting 1 on 1 with a preceptor. I had 1 month of orientation and then I was taking call.
    One thing to do is read as much as you can about dialysis and renal failure. There are a lot of websites with some great information. Attend as many conferences as you can also.
    I can remember my preceptor telling me that you will start feeling comfortable in 6 months and by 1 year, you will understand why you do certain things and understand the whole process. I believe that is true. I still do a lot of research and reading on acute renal failure and new treatments available. There are always changes being made.
    I love doing acutes!!