Condom catheters!! Getting them to stay on !!! - page 3

How do you get these things to stay on? What do you think of the ubber band thing with a button on it and holes in it??... Read More

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    In our facility you can't even find a condom catheter..and when I mentioned it to one of the RNs, she had to even think about what it was! She thought and thought, I explained and then she called a Texas something-or-other....! Anyway, small place, we don't seem to have much use for them. A few of our outpatients tend to self-cath. But I have used them in clinicals, and yes, putting them on the dummies is not realilistic. But then again, practising cathing a women dummie is definately not realistic either..........real women are HARD to catheterize. The opening is never as big as that dummies! LOL!

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