cant find a dialysis job, living south of boston

  1. I'm a registered nurse and I am very interested in dialysis nursing. I am currently enrolled in online dialysis training right now. I have been applying online for dialysis job but until now I haven't got a dialysis job yet. I live south of boston MA.I have a long term and acute care experience. How did you get a dialysis job? Anyone who took online dialysis training with dialysis4career, did it help you in getting a dialysis job?
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  3. by   FransBevy
    I got a chronic dialysis nurse job in Weymouth in October and it's been difficult after years of acute care med/surg/ER nursing. I am getting my training on the job and I can definitely see where this could NOT be taught online. If you learn like I do, none of what I learn would make sense in so far as managing the machines, the accesses, the turnover without being there.
    This is very, very challenging but I'm starting to really like it. There is a shortage of dialysis nurses so I would check in at DaVita or Fresenius websites to see what's available. They're always looking.
    Hope this helps.
  4. by   lanceeessse
    thanks fransbevy, still loooking and hopefully will find a dialysis job
  5. by   mrsLLnurse2b
    just curious about pay for a dialysis RN, I have 3 years RN hospital experience-I was making 30 and some change at my hospital job in MA.
    What should a starting pay be for a new dialysis RN in your area be? Thank you