Are Groshong central tunneled catheters used in dialysis?

  1. Dear all,

    Are Groshong central tunneld catheters used in Hemathology?

    If not why?

    The fact that , they do not require lock solution is an avantage or not?

    Do you think they will replace the classic catheters which require lock solution in the futur?

    thanks for your answer
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  3. by   merlee
    They are 1. Too soft 2. not necessarily well-placed for the volume and pressures needed.

    But this was a very good question, thanks for posting it!
  4. by   Tish88
    The lumen of a Groshong is around 9F where as a dialysis catheter is around 13.5 - 14F. The Groshong would not support the required large volume of blood that is needed for dialysis.

    As for the length, they both reach into the superior vena cava and into the right atrium, so lengths are about the same.

    The groshong has a 2 way valve on the catheter tip that prevents backflow into the catheter, this valve would impede the needed flow for dialysis.

    As for not needing to flush the catheters, the dialysis catheter can use Tego Caps that when flushed with normal saline, provides a positive pressure at the tip to prevent backflow and no heparin dwell is needed.